Have you ever wondered about the origin of the Lirik MIX website? It all started from a hobby of listening to music, all of my music likes it. What I like most about music is not just the tone or sound but the lyrics of the song. Because the lyrics of the song in the music are very unique with the characteristics of the artist and also when listening to it can be a spirit of activity.

Music has become a tradition among young people when they are active, therefore I am thinking about how to collect and view it on the internet, even though there are many blogs and sites like Lirik MIX.

At the end of 2021 I started to create this website so that it can be enjoyed by all groups, whether students, students or musicians who really like music.

Hopefully the website that I have created in the future will be useful for all of us.

The website is currently under development. If an error persists, please report it to the contact provided.

Hello, Like Music?

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